Erotic content creator Taila Maddison, 25, discovered that her stepfather was a subscriber to her profile on the OnlyFans platform. In a video shared on her TikTok, she talked about the despair and trauma she experienced after the revelation and stated that her stepfather’s marriage to her mother had come to an end.

In an initial video shared on social media, Taila expressed shock at the fact that her stepfather had known her since she was 11 years old and had spent US$ 2,000 (approximately R$ 9,800, based on the exchange rate of the day) on content that she had already been sharing, as well as specific requests he made through the platform.

The TikToker also said that he had specific requests, and they talked daily. In another video, she mentioned that she never imagined revealing this story on a social media platform but soon started providing details on how she discovered that her stepfather was accessing her erotic content. The discovery was described as follows: “When I started creating content on the platform, there was this customer who was practically my number one fan. He had been following me since the beginning. We talked every day. He made very specific requests, and he also had a very specific username on the site,” she explained.

She discovered her stepfather as a subscriber to her OnlyFans profile when she saw that someone had accessed her TikTok profile profile with the same username and, furthermore, it indicated that they were part of my contacts,” she revealed as she connected the dots. She described feeling desperate upon discovering who it was. “I was completely desperate trying to figure out who this person from my contacts was, and I narrowed it down to six people, one of whom was my stepfather. I followed my intuition and decided to send a message to that account saying, ‘I know who you are,’ and within about 2 minutes, I received a message from my stepfather saying, ‘Hi, Tai! Can we talk?'” she said.

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